Issued to an alien who comes to China for a post or employment.


Issued to an alien who comes to China for study or advanced studies for a period of more than 6 months.


Get an M visa issued from the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in any other countries.


A green card is a permanent residence permit for foreign nationals.


Required to extend your visa's stay.

Working Visa / Work Permit

Foreigners who work in China and receive compensation must apply for a work permit and residence permit.
Shanghai, Ningbo
New Working Visa, Working Visa Switch (Company A to B), Working Visa Renewal
1800-4100 yuan

New Work Visa

First application for work permit and residence permit. Can be applied for from both within China or Outside China. Standard first applications are 1 year in length but if you meet the necessary conditions, you can also apply for a 5-year work visa.

1. Bachelor's degree or higher authenticated at the embassy/consulate
2. Reference letter from previous employer proving that you have at least two years full-time work experience in the current field of position
3. Criminal background check (6 months validity) - must be completed by one of the following departments: police station, court, security administration, notary public, or any other government entity of your country of nationality.
The document must then be authenticated by the consulate/embassy.
4. Valid health certificate (within 6 months) issued by or similar institutions from other cities in China.
5. Labor contract.
6. Local temporary residence registration.
Notification of Foreigners Work Permit (15 working days) -> Overseas Application Z Visa -> Foreigner Work Permit(15 working days) -> Work Residence Permit (7 working days)
1. In Shanghai, foreign employees who have already entered the country can process directly from within Shanghai without leaving for Z visa, with the exception of certain countries which are required to first apply for a Z visa from the Chinese embassy or consulate in the home country.
2. Working experience reference letters can be from any country of work, but must be legal and full-time work experience.
3. Foreigners who have obtained permanent residence green cards in China can be exempted from employment permits.
4. Eligible company shareholders and legal representatives can be exempt from above requirements
5. According to the special circumstances of the individual, the work and education requirements can be exempted. Please contact us for specific information.
6. Application process is long. During the application period, you need to watch the validity of the China visa you are holding to ensure your activities and staying in China is legal.

Switch Company A to B

You are only allowed to work for the company sponsoring your Work Permit. In case you transfer job from Company A to Company B, you need to re-apply for a new Work Permit and new Residence Permit based on the new company within 10 days from the date of resignation. It is illegal to work for a new company using your previous company’s work permit and residence permit, and you will risk deportation in doing so.

1. Working permit cancelation confirmation from previous company.
2. Previous company release letter.
3. Local temporary residence registration.
4. Labor contract with Company B.
5. Reference letter from any previous employer proving two years full-time work experience related to the new application position.
Foreigner Work Permit (15 working days) -> Work Residence Permit (7 working days)
1. Work permit cancellation takes 10 working days, and should be completed by Company A.
2. Transfer should be completed within 30 days of leaving company A, otherwise you may be required to apply as a new working visa applicant.
3. According to the special circumstances of each individual, you may be exempt from the work and education requirements. Please contact us for specific information.
4. The rules for working visa change are strict and complicated. We recommend that you consult us in advance for professional advice.

Working Visa Renewal

Foreigners who continue labor relations with the same employer and need to extend their work permits and residence permits.

1. Work permit.
2. Labor contract.
3. Local temporary residence registration.
Foreigner Work Permit (10 working days) -> Work Residence Permit (7 working days) 1. Working visa renewal is required to start at least 30 days in advance or you may be required to apply as a new working visa applicant.

Student visa

X1 (Student Residence Permit) Is issued to an alien who comes to China for study for a period of 6 months or more. An alien who comes to China to study, short-term advanced studies for a period of 6 months or less shall apply for a X2 visa.
no restrictions
3 months, 6 months
5500 - 8500 yuan

If you have already enrolled in a university course but don't know how to process your student X visa, please contact us for help. If you are currently in-between visas and are looking for a short term option to stay in China and get to know more about the culture, then enrolling in a Chinese language course with a 6 month short-term student X2 visa will also be a good option, especially for the expat who really wants to learn Chinese culture and language. To get a long-term student X1 residence permit, you will need to complete a medical checkup in China and register with a university.

You can not work while studying

Business visa

Chinese business visas “M visas” are issued to foreigners who travel to China for commercial trade activities.

  • Mechanical after-sales team comes to China for repair, installation, maintenance, disassembly, guidance, and training
  • Successful bidders come to China for project guidance, supervision, and acceptance
  • Foreigners from the head office go to the Shanghai branch office for short-term work
  • Foreigners come to China to participate in sports events, including coaches, athletes, team doctors, assistants, etc.

  • no restrictions
    * One year, multiple entry 60-day per
    * 6-month, double entry 90-day per
    * 6 month, multiple entry 90 day per
    * Single entry 90-day visa
    * Single entry 30-day visa

    2,000-16,000 yuan

    China Permanent Residence Permit

    Also known as green card. A green card means that the cardholder can enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens. Green card is valid for 10 consecutive years, allows multiple entries, and waves requirement for work visa during employment.

    Shanghai, Ningbo
    3800 yuan

    1. Annual salary is more than 600,000 yuan, and the annual personal income tax is over 120,000 yuan. Minimum 4 consecutive years of work.
    2. Married to Chinese citizens for more than 4 years.
    3. Investing more than RMB 2 million in China.
    4. Foreign talents who are experts in the industry and provide great contributions to China.
    More than 6 months
    Friendly reminder: The above is for reference only, we will provide a detailed list of documents after formal entrustment. The application for each applicant is different, and the competent authority has the right to request additional materials.

    Short-term visa extension in China

    If you have entered China with a visa and want to stay in China for more than the valid period specified on your visa, you are required to extend your visa in order to avoid overstay. We can extend it maximum 1 time.

    Shanghai, Ningbo
    1,200 yuan
    If you currently hold a residence permit and have recently completed a study or ended your employment, need 1 more month to pack, find a new school, find a new job, or are still in the process of setting up your startup, you may also apply for a 1 month extension.